Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sophie's 3rd Birthday

Yes, I have been remiss in my bloggy duties! Sophie's birthday did come and go, and my sweet little puppy is now 3. When did that happen??  Seems like yesterday I brought her home!

Anyway, I did celebrate her birthday, I just didn't get around to blogging it. So, April 21, 2010, Soph turned three and we celebrated with liver cake. Yum Yum!

Yup, it actually says "Happy Birthday Sophie"

This is truly a terrible picture of Sophie, but it demonstates her "patiently" waiting for her treat. She could hardly contain herself, and was doing laps around the kitchen as I took pictures, cut the cake in three and generally moved slow. So, when she finally sat down, I took advantage. Of course, by this time, she was practically shaking in excitement.

Even Spike was excited!

We're waiting! Hurry up already!!!

Sophie chowing down. Yummy!! Lick the carpet clean too!

Spike acting as the canine hoover too!

Now, I know this needs explanation... I had baked brownies the night before and must have gotten some brownie goodness on these oven mitts. So, when I got up that morning, I found this poor mauled mitt, in the middle of the living room floor. Wonder who could have possibly done this?!? Perhaps the birthday girl herself? Couldn't have been, could it?  ;)

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