Saturday, May 22, 2010

Typical Saturday Morning

It's a typical Saturday morning in my house, during the late spring. All doggy training has moved to weeknights and my weekends are free to run in tournaments or attempt to sleep late and lounge. Of course, Murphy doesn't know that yet and had everyone up at 5AM, as if it was a normal morning.

Of course, it's a lovely sunny morning out, casting beams through my living room window where I caught these two cuddling together...

Yup, they like each other. Or at least, Spike seems to like Murphy when she's not attempting to levitate in front of him or detach his ear with her great love of tugging on just about anything. Murphy ALWAYS likes Spike.

Where's Sophie during this little cuddle-fest?

Why downstairs of course, finishing off the bag of chips I accidently forgot.

She's attempting to plead her innocence here, but I caught her with her head stuck in the bag. She might *look* innocent, but let me tell you, she's a chip thieving girl! 

Ah, Saturdays... gotta love em!


Sandi said...

absolutely no evidence of crumbs on that adorable sweet face, Jenn! You must be mistaken!!!!

Jen said...

LOL, of course, I must have been mistaken... It really wasn't Sopher that I snuck up on, mid munch... scared her so bad, she jumped, silly girl. She would really, REALLY like you to believe she's completely innocent. Or starving to death. Or both! lol

Becca & Mandy said...

lol. i love your sense of humor!

Jen said...

Thanks Mandy!! You have to have a sense of humour to teach full-time, work on your Masters degree AND live with a BC mix, Lab and a Jack, all under the age of 5. It's called survival, LOL.

BTW, I am really enjoying your blog too! Keep up the great work!!

Becca & Mandy said...

Thank you! And I certainly know what you mean! I go to school full time as well as work two jobs! I don't know how I would relax without Mandy around! She's so goofy and always makes me smile!