Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Life seems to be one big ball of perpetual change of late. You know, change from holidays to work routine. And, that's not so bad, to be honest. I am a creature of habit, sadly and I kind of like my morning routines and all, so it's ok. The dogs obviously fair better with the routines too. Of course, if I could get my sleep back in line, I'd be doing better. I have been having a bit of insomnia of late- waking anytime after 2 or so, and am often not able to get back to sleep, so if I could manage that, I think I would be in excellent shape right now. Perhaps it's time to cut back on the coffee? I'm not sure, but that thought makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Anyway, in other news, I am back down to 3 dogs for the moment. Henry was here for a temporary pitstop and he's moved to another foster home. So, I have to decide if I want to bring home a Ben-like dog (oh dear, me and my labs, I KNOW!) or take a couple week break until our litter of Labby puppies are ready to be moved and fostered on their own. I'll decide this weekend. :)

In any case, as requested, a couple photos of Henry... these are his petfinder photos as I didn't manage to get any others taken. Sorry!  I'm still limping along with problem cameras, but this weekend, I'll head into the city and take care of getting one.  My camera is officially toast, but my mother had one she gave me when the zoom went on it. It's another canon powershot, and to be honest, it's a great camera but without a zoom, it's tough!! I didn't realize how much I rely on that to get a half way decent photo for my foster dogs especially. Mom figured I'd need a backup camera at some point, because let's be honest with Sophie in the house, I'm constantly living with the thoughts  "what's going to break next?" or "what's she going to eat next?".  Poor Soph!

He really IS a cutie pie, and I kinda miss the little guy. Anyway, that's life in rescue; sometimes we need to shuffle dogs to make room for others and it's the way it goes.

Murphy especially is going to miss Henry. She LURVED that boy!! He was pretty taken with her too, and they loved to chase each other around the living room. :)  But, then, Murph loves any new dog in this house, so if I go get Boston this weekend, she'll love him too!! I hear he's bigger than Ben, but just as loveable.

Anyway, I've mostly gotten back into my walking routine. The dogs are loving it! They always get a run everyday, playing fetch, or just playing in the yard or the field behind my house, but there's something almost meditative about walking that I love. And, they are always game to go. Walking the three is not bad; Murphy is the hardest of them because she doesn't understand "walk" yet... she thinks it's a great chance to bounce around and grab Soph's ears to get her to play. Soph takes her walks VERY SERIOUSLY and does not appreciate the puppy antics much. Poor girl! But, it's good to be back at it and I am sure Murphers will eventually learn. Or grow up. Or is that too much to ask for a Jack Russell?? ;)

I hope to get my camera this weekend, as I said so I can get the dogs over to Rebecca's for a run/photoshoot.  And, Spike and Soph are both back to Dr. Orchard this weekend for a checkup. I am pretty sure Spike is fine; I have a feeling he won't need to see Dr. Orchard for a while, which is great! Soph has regressed a bit over the holiday. I've been straightline running her LOTS, but with Ben especially around, she was playing pretty rough with him and I think she knocked her back out a bit. But, I'll know more tomorrow... here's hoping she's gaining muscle tone!!!  Other than that, a little bit of agility with Murphers on Sunday and the rest of the weekend is back to the Thesis grind... working on my literature review!!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Great post -

I'm with you on the coffee issue - perish the thought of cutting back!

OR dog forbid switch to decaf - that just isn't coffee -

Thanks for sharing the cutie with us!

Happy Camera Shopping!

Mango said...

Ya know, Master sometimes uses the Starbucks Espresso decaf and it tastes just like the real thing for sure, but no zoomies or tummy aches.

I was a third dog when I was a baby and it was rough. First of all, momma only has two hands and I had to wait my turn for snuggles. Then there was the whole walking thing because none of us did it quite the same. So I think take a break and keep the pack compact for a bit.


achieve1dream said...

Hey, thanks for leaving a comment about Jackal's vomiting. :) I really appreciate your advice (especially from a fellow raw feeder). I'm going to try doing two meals a day and see if that helps, because I really don't want to add grains in either. Grains and veggies give him awful gas so I know he isn't digesting them. They just aren't meant to. :) I might try the yogurt too. I used to give that to him as a puppy when he used to do this but I completely forgot about it! Anyway thanks again and it's nice to meet you. I look forward to checking out your archives. :)

Jen said...

You are a wise, wise dog Mango!! I hit the total realization that I am EXHAUSTED today and I think it's best for ALL of us to stay where we are! Poor Murphy had an upset tummy in her crate today so even had to have a bath tonight, so she really IS out of sorts. Yup, it's a wise idea!! :)