Monday, January 3, 2011

Ups and Downs

It's been a day or two of ups and downs, that's for sure....

For example, Sophie knocked my camera off the counter and broke it. DOWN. I get to go shopping for a new one. UP. Of course, I still wont be getting the Canon Rebel I really want, but that's ok. I hadn't planned on a camera at this moment so I'll be going with something a little more modest, but it's still fun to go shopping!

I got a new foster dog and Spike has growled at him while he's been growling at Sophie. DOWN. But, he's moving out tomorrow, UP! Apparently, it's just a temporary placement, so Mr. Corgi is moving on. And, Ben is going on trial with a fabulous family and has already been renamed Moose. UP!

I go back to work this morning. DOWN. But, winter break is just around the corner. UP. And, I am looking at all the positives of my job rather than the challenges. UP.

It's very cold out, DOWN. But, I have walked the dogs two days in a row, despite that. UP. They are happier, I am happier and whatever... I can always bundle up for the cold, right? I got my first dog as an adult, living in Northern Saskatchewan which is at least as cold as it is here, so I figure, I should be able to handle a walk here. And, I feel more like myself when I am walking the dogs regularly; there's something about nature and being outside, by myself, just moving that tunes me back up. Last year, I felt like I lost myself somewhere along the way so it's nice to be getting back to what matters to me. UP, BIGGGG UP!

See, ups and downs, and that's life right?  It's alright, I just am going with whatever happens, to be honest. I am heading back to work this morning and will make the best of it. And, I'll go shopping for the new camera and that's ok too. Not planned, but not the end of the world. My old powershot was having lens issues prior to this anyway.  See, it's a new me.... I'm attempting to go with the flow more and live in the moment more. That's a lesson from my Sophie girl especially. :)

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Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Life so is lots of UPs and DOWNs -

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