Monday, January 10, 2011

Sophie's feeling better!

As you all know, Sophie has had problems with her hips for as long as I've had her. They've been there since puppyhood. Shockingly, 3 treatments at the chiropractor and she is FINE. Like as in, no pain medications, no lameness, just an enthusiastic, happy Lab!!

And to prove this, here's a couple videos of Sophers in action...  The first one is on the way out to the field behind my house. Sophie insisted on doing a weird, bouncy-pounce that just made me laugh.

The second is just Sophie doing a retrieve after her ball. It's really nothing spectacular, but for a dog who has not done anything in about a year, this is amazing! Everytime I let her run, she'd be on three legs so I just stopped. Now, there's no problems at all! 

So good to see no more Limping Sophie!! Bring on the agility, she's going to be one smokin' fast dog to run! 


achieve1dream said...

That is so fantastic!! I've heard of chiropractors doing amazing things for animals and humans. I'm glad she's feeling so much better. :)

Jean said...

There are few things better than Happy Labs! Thanks for the morning smile.
Will she need to go for periodic "tuneups" to keep everything aligned? I know I have to go once a month or I really start to notice the pain sneaking back.

Jen said...

Thanks for the comments all! Yes, Sophie has to go back for tuneups... we've been moved to the "Once ever TWO months" stage, unless something comes up sooner. So,I'm likely taking her to Agility in two weeks, for the first time in a year, then I'll know more about the frequency of visits... we're going to do a couple beginner classes, at very low jumps to see how she does. If there's no lameness, she'll start back into classes weekly! But, that will tell me lots about how often she needs to go.

It's all good!!


ForPetsSake said...

Glad to have found you, from one black dog mamma to another!
Check out my blog if you get a chance:

Thanks and I look forward to seeing and reading more!

Jen said...

This comment is actually from Rottrover.... don't know what happened, Sorry!!

Great news about Sophie! How did you find the chiropractor? lifewithbigdogs did a really interesting post on Jan. 6 about all of this. I think we big and active doggies can really benefit! Have fun!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby