Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Rattie Girls

Warning Mom: DON'T READ THIS POST! :)

My mother reads my blog regularly, but has a decided distaste for the ratty critters that have moved in. I  guess I am free to go ahead and rescue some little ones that needed a great home, even if she isn't impressed. At least I gave her a warning before she decides to visit again.

Anyway, I added a third rat and I became increasingly aware of how unhappy they were in their cage. It was simply too small for active baby girl rats. They NEED to run and play. So, I set about to create a grotto for the girls; a cage made out of a bookcase. It was a total adventure and I will not confess how much I spent on supplies I may or may not have used, or how much my back hurt by the end, hehe.

Anyway, step one: Attach shelves with screws and staple wire on the back.

Make sure there are little hole for them to climb up and down between shelves.

Add doors and let the girls start to explore.

Smudge and Drucilla exploring their new home yesterday.

Smudge. She's a cute little dalmation rat. 

Dru, climbing up to see what can be seen. 

The final project.  I'm quite proud of it and the girls are happier than they've been in days. They have spent HOURS running, wrestling, playing, climbing. It's good!!  

How are the dogs? Banned from the office as they are just too interested still. Well, scratch that- Spike doesn't care. Sophie wants their food and Murphy, well Murph is dreaming of murder I am sure. But, they are learning impulse control and that's a good thing.

Ahhhh, rescuing critters is good for the soul, even if they are rats. :)


Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Jen you are crazy. I have to say I'm with your mother on this as I'm not too keen on rodents either. But rescuing is always a good thing!

"A person is a person no matter how small"

Great idea with the shelf though, not to mention cheaper then the cages at the stores.

Sophie said...

Their new DIY cage looks AWESOME.

I'd love a couple of female rats or mice, but at the moment my mum won't let me have any more pets. So I have to live vicariously through you - so post more pictures!

Pamela said...

Good for you, Jen. The habitat looks amazing.

Years ago, I saw a show on Animal Planet that set up stimulating homes for small animals. I don't know the name and no one else knows what I'm talking about. But your new rat play area would fit in well.

One thing they did for some rats was include an area filled with dirt for tunneling. I had no idea rats liked digging until a wild one got into my house by digging her way in.

Glad your new friends like their spiffy home.

achieve1dream said...

That is really cool! I love making things instead of buying them. :)