Sunday, August 28, 2011


Seriously?!? There are a few things I am kinda questioning these days...

1. Where did the summer go? I go back to work TOMORROW and I have very mixed feelings..... seriously, do I have to?!?

2. How did Spike manage to slice his paw pad open yesterday?!? Seriously, it looks like it hurts!!

He is clearly distressed now, haha, but let me tell you yesterday he was sure crying when it happened.

3.  Seriously Sophie?!? I believe she blew her good ACL yesterday. Honestly, my poor girl. She is a mess again; I knew she wasn't feeling well in the evening, as she was limping. I didn't pay any attention because she is often stiff when she first gets up. Then, I had to help her on the bed when we curled up to watch the latest episode of Weeds, online together. I didn't think much about that either as it's not that uncommon. But, she couldn't settle, and she started to cry. That IS unusual for my girlie. So, I began to massage around her hips/bad knee onto what I thought was her good knee. She wouldn't let me touch it. Oh Oh!  So, I got her up to see her walk. Sure enough, no weight on that paw. So, off we trundled to the kitchen for a deramaxx, then I helped her down the backstairs to go for one last trip out for the night. Once she got moving again, it seemed to be ok-ish but she sure isn't herself. My poor girlie is still not ok today and I think I'll be taking her off to the vet just to make sure it isn't a full tear. I am sure it's partial and this wasn't unexpected as most who have torn one side tend to do the same to the other side, but it still sucks. :(  Cross paws for Soph that she's not in too much pain!

She wont even get up to beg for food or steal off the counter. That's NOT a good sign. Sigh.

A final note.... crossing fingers and paws around here for our friends on the East Coast. Hoping everyone is ok through Hurricane Irene. Anyone hear from Mango and Dexter, for example??  I'm hoping they are ok and not flooding right now.


Sophie said...

Sounds like a not-so-great time at the Black Dog house, which sucks. I feel you on the returning to non-holiday stuff; I'm going back to university soon, and although I'm excited I also really, really can't be bothered. The thought of it just makes me want to hide in bed all day!

Ms. ~K said...

Oh No Sophie!!!! We have all paws crossed here!

Sophie said...

Just popping back here to say I tagged you guys in the Seven Posts blog challenge, here:

Mango said...

That is so not the news one wants to hear. Poor Sophie and poor you.

Mango Momma

achieve1dream said...

Aww poor Sophie and Spike. :( Why does it always happen at the same time?? I hope it isn't as bad as it seems and that they both heal up quickly.

Good luck at work. I feel the same lol.