Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ARGH, where does time go???

Due to popular demand, the official update on Moose:  Moose is now Cooper and he will spend his life with Sara, his adopter. Yes, she is the girl that met him at the fundraiser. She has a roommate who has a young husky dog named Shout and when I took Moose over there, he took one look at me, then he was gone in a flurry of teeth, fur and wrestling with his new sis. They both were smitten. Sara was smitten and honestly, I tried to say goodbye to the boy, but he wouldn't; he was too intent on trotting around after his new Mama and playing with Shout. PERFECT PLACE for him! Exactly where Moose/Cooper should live.

Otherwise, my summer is winding down as I am back to work next week. I am dreading being away from my dogs all day- I've been home for 3 months after all with my sick leave then summer holidays. But, such is life and we'll all adjust.

The ratties are great. Yes, they are RATS. And, I love them!  I am making them a new cage; a giant grotto that likely will help me expand the family a little. I already added Dru, a black rat who is just a little doll. She fits with the other girls so well. Honestly, their temperaments are likely tiny dogs. They LOVE people, they love socialization and are highly trainable. I can't wait to clicker train some tricks! hehe

The dogs and I are great! I worked a weekend at Rebecca's and they were in heaven, running around, chasing, digging, enjoying the space. Then, they got a weekend at Bec's while I hung out at a Leadership Camp for young people. They had fun and I was inspired about the next generation. There are some super stars growing up in this province and it gives me hope!

In light of the fact that I ended last school in such a difficult position (sick leave, essentially due to stress) I have made some big decisions in the last while. The most recent one is to take a step back from the rescue. I love New Hope and the work they do, but I personally need a break. So, that is huge for me as I have been involved pretty much since I arrived here. I think the time away will be good; I will be able to re-find my passion for dog rescue, perhaps. And, at the end of the day my focus is on getting my thesis done, creating a better, more stable and normal routine for the dogs this fall and making sure that I stay healthy! I'll miss it, and I'll miss the variety of dogs who have come through my doors over time. But, a break and a rest is good sometimes.

That's all for this morning; I promise pictures and stories about the dogs soon. I definitely have some to tell!


rottrover said...

Looking forward to stories of ratties, too! I'm a big fan - I had them growing up and know how smart and personable they can be!!

Nice to see you again!

And yes, self care is so important. If you don't take care of yourself first, then you can't take care of anything/anyone else...

Sophie said...

I think taking care of yourself should always be your number one priority! I hope everything settles down into a good routine for you soon.

And don't forget to post the photos and stories! I need to live my desire for rats vicariously through you.

Pamela said...

Glad to hear you're going to practice some self-care. The critters will probably be glad to provide some stress relief.

Can't wait to see more updates.

Jean said...

So glad to hear Moose/Cooper found the perfect home, complete with a sibling to play with.
And equally glad to hear you are taking care of yourself. I also allowed myself to burn out at one point, trying to juggle rescue, work, personal relationships, my own dogs, etc. - now I am very, very careful to maintain balance in my life. And sometimes that means saying 'No' to rescue. It isn't always easy, but it is necessary - and much, much better for my own dogs, too.