Monday, January 20, 2014

Cross-Stitch, yet another hobby.

I love to cross-stitch but haven't picked any up for years. I have lately been into knitting like a crazy fool and I have also been quilting. I am working on my first "real" quilt which I am not nearly finished but have set a goal to be done in the next 4 months.  So, that has been a focus.

However, sometimes change is good!  So, I picked up an old project that I love and feel very much re-energized to work on... especially with the advent of cats in my home. Ophelia is my personal Maggie!

Anyway, here is a photo of where I am at.

Not far into the project at all!!

However, when its finished, this is what it should look like.  This is the link to the dimensions kit. I personally do NOT like using Dimensions kits and this one really is no different except that I love this Charles Wysocki print and I really wanted to stitch it as a tribute to all those happy but bratty cats who love craft and sewing rooms.

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