Friday, January 17, 2014

PLEASE, save this cat so I don't need to

I met this cat yesterday.

Porter.  Please click the link; I tried to post his photo but it wouldn't let me.

He broke my heart- he is a huge cat, so big I wonder if he is a Maine Coon mix or something and they say he is just a year but he looked older to me.  He looked at me and I opened his run. MISTAKE!  He immediately climbed into my arms and refused to go back into his kennel.  I walked away with tears in my eyes as I was immediately drawn to the sadness in this cat. He acted like his heart was broken and he was desperate to find someone who can see beyond the messy mass of fur he has, the matts by his ears and the unkempt look he has to him.

I am trying to block him out, but its painful and difficult.  I CANT have another cat, I really can't! SO, please my cat loving friends, go and see him. Give him a chance so I know he is ok! Otherwise, I am a little afraid that my catty family will expand by one more!

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