Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's been nearly 7 years since I learned a dog named Sophie was going to join my little family. And, it's been quite the journey throughout her life, I must admit.

Sophie got sick yesterday and I decided this morning to send her to the vet. I have been through many episodes with her over time-- lots and lots of times of her throwing up but she crossed the line this morning and refused to eat. That's a scary place for Sophie. So, I originally was going to wait the day but I talked with a friend who said "no!  I will take her for you now!"  I fearfully but gratefully accepted. So, Sophie is at the vet right now awaiting X-rays to see if she has an obstruction. And I am at work, feeling anxious  and worried and nervous. And sad, so incredibly sad!  She is not herself at all and it's heartbreaking to see how scrawny she got so quickly and how sad she is looking herself.

She just isn't feeling well and I know it.

It's hard when our fur babies aren't well and we don't know what is wrong. It's even worse that she is at the vet and I am not.

Please, send happy, healing thoughts for my special girl Sophie. She needs it!!

Sophie a couple years ago helping me quilt. Love this girl so much!

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Jean said...

Hoping all is well with Sophie, Jen, and this is just a little blip in the road. Keep us posted - you are both in my thoughts today.