Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ah little Spooky!

It's my little Spooky's birthday today. Yup, it's true, Spike is 5.  I can't believe he's a middle aged dog now, but I guess he's getting a little grey around the mouth these days, poor boy. I can't believe I've had 4 great years with this dog... it feels like just yesterday I brought him home but it also feels like he's always been here. Love this dog so much!

To celebrate this year, Spike got a big beefy bone...

Yum Yum!  Just as good as a liver cake!!

He moved inside with his bone, once all the meat was gone.

Looking happy! 

Anyway, Happy Birthday my Spooky boy!  I hope I have many, many more happy years with you!

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