Monday, June 21, 2010

Foster Dog Max!

I said I needed a break. Then we recieved an email of the saddest story of a neglected pup I have heard in ages and I cracked. Trust me, I have since realized my folly; 4 dogs all under the age of not quite 5 is too much in one little household.

Max has been sick, full of worms, just neutered and with an abcess that had a drainage tube put in post surgery. So, he was not an easy foster home placement and he landed here. At least until I needed to go away for a weekend, and left him at the kennel where I refused to bring him home. Rebecca's a good, good sport!! Anyway, he's back and full of energy and life now that he is recovered from the surgeries. And, he's a dirty little monkey since he apparently likes to dig in my garden. He better not teach Murphy any bad habits!!

Anyway, here he is, grubby little dog that he is!!

He doesn't sit still very often so photos are hard!!

Max lurves all toys!

Just a blurry, tugging machine. Can you say flyball dog someday??

Yup, there's potential in that grubby little dog!!

Man he needs a clean up!  The gal that saved him post dog mauling, in Wollaston Lake had to clip all the  mats out of his fur with kitchen shears. Needless to say, she did an uneven job of it! But, at least he felt better and she could see his wounds that way. (And there were lots. Those big dogs wanted him dead, clearly.)

I can haz bath please?  And a good grooming?  Yup, soon little Max, soon!!

Ah well, life is never dull around here! Why not add a foster dog, 3 weeks before the end of school?!?

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