Sunday, June 27, 2010

Surviving Storms

It's been a week of storms; everyday there's been at least one loud, crashing storm for the last 3 or so days and I am finding it's very hard on Spike. Thank goodness I have only one storm phobic dog and everyone else seems oblivious to the chaos around them. Some of the storms have been late at night, waking me up but yesterdays hit around supper time so I thought I should take some photos of how we cope...

Poor Spike, huddled in the laundry room, by the hot water tank.  He's had a dose of L-Theanine here, with no signs of relief. :(

Sophie chills in the living room with a bone, left over from breakfast. Nothing bothers her!  In fact, she's been known to hang with me, cuddled as close as possible during storms as I don't like them much either. When it's done, she goes on her merry way, but she takes bringing comfort quite seriously!

Murphy naps on her blankie in the office. Nothing bothers her either and she's some tired after a play with her BFF Quinn!

The girls cuddled up in the hallway. Yup, they are pretty happy during all this!

Hail outside my back door.

Hail by my garbage can; it doesn't look nearly as bad here as it actually was. It came down pretty hard for a few minutes, making it look like it was snowing in June.

My poor Hammock! I hope to actually use it this summer. I bought it last summer but it was so cold that I rarely got to nap on it, but you better believe Sophie got good use out of it! So far, this summer has been no better.

Ah well, here's to HOT, SUNNY weather coming our way!


Becca & Mandy said...

Mandy has tons of trouble with storms too! But we live in Florida so we are luck to see hail once a year, much less in June. Where are you from?

Jen said...

You're back!! Hope you are back to your blog soon!! :)

Anyway, I live just outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which is deep in the heart of the Prairies. We do get some wicked storms, especially in the summer when temps get hot for us (not as hot I am sure as Florida) which can cause hail/heavy rainfall/tornadoes. This year has been BAD, with a heavy storm nearly everyday. In fact, Saskatoon flooded two nights ago with the worst storm seen in over 100 years... Spike spent the night in the basement, heading down at 8:30 when it started, and finally coming out at 5AM. I probably should have too as apparently there were funnel clouds... ah well, makes life interesting!!