Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ups and Downs

It's been a few days since my last post, and I have wanted to write, but I lost motivation for a bit, in a haze of June craziness. I was away on the weekend, to celebrate family birthdays with the family. We gathered in Medicine Hat, and had a lovely time, even if it was a long way to drive for a dinner.  And, I am packing up my office, yet again for another change. I've been to my new school for a day and I want another as it's an overwhelming prospect to take on the next classroom without at least another day to see the kids in action and to help understand how the schedule works throught the day. 

I've taken Murphy to agility and realized yet again how different of a dog she is; she's driven by her nose and instinct so now I am working on the command "nose up" to make it easier to run her in agility. I think she's going to be great, if I can get her attention and focus on me, and off the delicious smells on the ground. I've missed Spike's agility due to rain.

I've noticed how much better Sophie is doing; her limp is nearly unnoticeable right now and that's a huge relief after a difficult winter.

I've registered for classes and horrors... my thesis for second semester. It's really true, I am barely into my MEd, and I can see the end already. I'm getting ready for another weekend away, this time to run flyball in Moose Jaw and I have to admit I am VERY nervous since we haven't had much practice since the last tournament and I am concerned about my abilities to pass. Timing is so tricky with flyball and I really, really don't want to mess the team up!

So, it's not that I haven't intended to write... I have. It's just, I have lots going on. I will write soon, and finish the story of Spike and get more pictures up and hopefully be able to share some crazy Sophie stories. SOON, I promise!

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Becca & Mandy said...

Keep working hard! It will definitely be worth it!