Saturday, June 26, 2010

RMB's for Breakfast.

It's a Raw Meaty Bone day around here... I thought for a treat and because I am not in a rush to get anywhere today since it's Saturday. As well,  I hardly slept a wink thanks to my storm phobic Spike and my early riser Murphy, so I thought they might as well eat a bone today as I am barely moving yet.  The plan for today is to take Spike and Murphy to train some agility at the field, then to take everyone (including Max the foster) for a play at Rebecca's. Tired dogs are much better behaved. Anyway, lucky Murph got a bone AND her usual partial patty as she's a skinny little monkey these days!!

Anyway, sensible places to choose to eat your RMB... Sophie, chooses the yard.

Yum, yum!

Murphy chooses her blanket in the office. Good choice, my girl!

She loves her RMB's!

Look at those bat ears. Sigh.

Where's Spike you ask?? Of course, in the lap of luxury because who wouldn't want to eat a bloody, raw bone on their mama's bed?!?  Yes, it's true... he chose my bed. Sigh.

The worst of it? I left him there, thinking I have to wash bedding today anyway. Ugh.

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