Monday, October 25, 2010

Bad Lab.

Yesterday was not the best day for Sophie and I. Our day started at 2AM, when she threw up on the bed. That's never happened before, and she looked as shocked as I was! And, you don't want to know exactly what she was eating that she felt the need to bring it back up. Needless to say, everyone is back on pineapple, because it seems to help keep her from backyard munching on inappropriate things. We'll see.

Anyway, her next offense was the bloody paw moment. After that she drank my coffee, but nicely spilt the extra all over the kitchen table that was covered in journal articles. Her final offense: I had cooked up turkey liver treats for training with Spike and Murphy. Of course, I know better than to do this but I ran downstairs to change laundry over and while I was out, she ate all but 3 of the treats. I managed to run up the stairs, yelling at her as it occured to me too late what she was up to. She hit the floor in the kitchen as I did so, and all that was left was 3 little hearts. Sigh. What a dog!

She needs more attention, I understand that but for the next couple weeks, things are busy. So, to console myself on the bad labby day, I gave Murphy a bath. If nothing else, the stinkiest dog in the house is clean, at least for a bit. After, I took the following videos of her... she's the comic relief in this house, that's for sure!!


Ms. ~K said...

Oh No Sophie! You have to demonstrate a little more self-control Girl!
Murphy, you are a hoot!
Hoping you all have a better day!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

Jean said...

Sophie, you just come live with me - I love labbies and will spoil you rotten. How do you feel about mothering a bunch of fosterpups?

Jen, Good luck with those journal articles. I share your feeling of being overwhelmed right now, so hope both our days improve!


Mango said...

Do you think pineapple would deter PeeWee from eating rocks? I think he only does it when he is bored, but even one is bad news.

As for cracker dog terrier entertainment, hey, why not? One does what one can when the humans are busy.