Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from the Black Dog Crew...

I really have lots to be thankful for.... a nice place to live, a good job, the ability to attend Grad School. Even that my tooth (it's a long story, involving excuciating pain with a bruised tooth) is getting better. But, mostly I am thankful for long weekends I can use to study, cook a turkey and hang with the pups.

They even got presents, little turkeys! Strangely enough, Murphy eventually managed to steal them all and hold onto them until I took them away. She dazzled the black dogs by running circles around them, jumping at their ears until the dropped the toy and she grabbed it and ran. It was pretty amusing, I have to admit. Ah little terrier, someday they will stomp on you!!

Murphy with Sophie's mouse... look at that evil little glimmer in her eye!

Spike's bear. Yum, yum, squeaking toys!

Sophie with her mouse back.

Murphy with all three... the bear, the mouse and the moose. Little hog!!

Once they all had a little play, it was time to cook. I can't trust Sophie in the kitchen, at all, (shocking, I know!)  so I sent the big dogs out for a nap in the sun. That didn't last long, as my little jumping bean demonstrates her true terrier tenacity...

Once the turkey was in, it was time for a play in the yard. It's a gorgeous day out... it's been unseasonably warm which is amazing after the great lack of a summer we had. So, it's really hard to resist the pleading eyes of "please, can we play, please?!?".  And, Sophie had a bad week, to be honest. I was in a haze of pain myself with my stupid tooth and didn't notice how awful she was feeling until she refused to walk up the back stairs by herself to come in. Instead, she stood at the bottom and barked at me, until I went to help her. She wouldn't even get on the couch by herself. Or the bed. So, she's back on pain meds for a few days until her hip/knee calms down again and she's feeling better. The end result?  She's brutal to get a photo of, as she's a streak of running lab. :)  It's awesome to see!!

Anyway, playtime in the yard...

Little Murphy in the pile of leaves.

Spike just dying for me to throw the ball!!

Fight for the ball.... yup, she's a fiesty little terrier. Poor Spike and his ears will never be the same. Soph merely tries to outrun her.

How I'm training Murphy to run faster... chasing the black dogs!!  By the way that's Soph on the left. She's looking skinny again! I do try to keep all three in skinny form, for the sake of Sophie's hips and dog sports for the other two, but her ribs are a little more obvious again than I like. She'll likely get a little extra the next couple days, which trust me, she'll love.

Pretty girl. The only half decent photo I got of her, alone.

Mr. Spike. 

Attemp at a family photo. Too bad noone would cooperate and look at me!

Happy Thanksgiving from the black dog crew... 
Sophie (left), Spike (middle), Murphy (duh! in front), Spike's fav dead soccer ball- lure to keep them all looking at me! 


Mango said...

What a wonderful family day! Everybody seems happy. I loved watching that springy terrier action. Boing! Boing!


Jean said...

Happy thanksgiving, Jen and crew. Love the video of Murphy - what a character!