Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday... Patient Pooches

Sorry, these aren't great photos, persay but they demonstrate how patient my dogs need to be (so they want you to think!)

Sophie waiting for breakfast...

Seriously, breakfast NOW!

And, the final patient pooch shot this morning, from the broken screen window on the deck...

C'mon.... let us in!!  We want in!

Hehe, pooooor Spike and Sophie, learning their patience. Yup, it's a tough life my dogs lead!


Mango said...

I am not sure that labradogs understand patience. They seem to think wait for 2 seconds is an eternity. I suspect they are running on a fast clock.


Jen said...

And, that right there Mango is exactly why I felt the need to document the moment. A patient lab does NOT last long. You'll notice there was no Murphy in the photos... that's because a patient Jack does NOT exist either, lol.

Ah well, they try, right??


Ms. ~K said...

Your pups always make me smile!
Hugs and belly rubs,