Sunday, October 17, 2010

How we spent our day....

It's been CRAZY lately! I have been completely under the weather with a big problem with a silly tooth. And, it's kinda taken almost everything out of me. You see, it started with a small, inconsistent toothache, oh a few months ago. It built up to a constant, I need pain meds kind of ache about 6 weeks ago. I lasted in that state for about 12 hours before I finally found myself a dentist here. So, a trip to get a cleaning and diagnosis of the problem (broken filling), a trip to get it fixed, another trip to get another broken filling fixed, horrifying, excruciating pain that occurred within hours of the second filling being fixed (but not related, I am sure, as it was on the other side of my mouth), 2 more trips to get the tooth ground down a little bit to fix my bite that was now thrown off (which caused biting down on anything harder than soup or porridge to hurt BAD), and one more trip to get that "strange bump on my gum, right under that tooth" examined, I am now on strong antiobiotics and have an appointment for a root canal. Sigh. I had a horrible phobia of the dentist. I think he's literally ground it out of me at this point.

In the meantime, I have gotten behind on everything. Walking the dogs, reading for University, laundry. Everything. It kind of reached the point of "WOAH, I have to do something about that NOW!" today as I am a bit of a neat freak, under this doggy lovin', don't care about shedding or muddy paw prints (much), kinda gal.

This site about noon threw me over the edge...

It's not nearly obvious enough how bad the mess was,  but there were doggy toys everywhere. Nearly everything in their toy box, in fact was on the floor. Here's a better look at the mess.

The guilty parties, you ask??  Well, this little innocent face of course! She stands in the box, on top of the toys and digs through. She flings things with willfull abandon, to get them out of her way, because she has to have that bone at the bottom of the box, thank you very much!

Also implicated in this toy flinging... Spike, of course. He was content to wrestle and tug with her, post flinging.

Where's Sophie during this? Being good and innocent, sunbathing on the deck, of course. It's nice to have one good dog in the house! HA!

I myself, know for fact the guilty parties as I was sitting in close proximity, with this mess at my finger tips... yup, I was attempting to get through one of the MANY journal articles I need to complete for next week (7, yes 7 of  them, thank you very much.)

So, of course this meant a quick tidy and play in the yard (sorry no photos!) After, I get to resume reading in my favourite position.... lounging on my Sophie girl because what good is a lab, if you can't lean on them?!?

What a good girl! It's all fun and games, until Sophie decides to give kisses...

What a goofball!

And, Murphy all the while is napping in her favourite place... her personal dirty laundry basket. Never underestimate the power of a Jack to generate laundry, let me tell you!!

Ah well, another Sunday, well spent. Next week, we are back to agility classes for Spike, Murphy and I so our Sundays will not be nearly so leisure filled. Can't wait!


Mango said...

That tooth stuff sounds just dreadful. Some kinds of pain are impossible to ignore and can make you mentals. I know all about the house stuff too. Momma goes total cracker mental when things pass a certain point. I sure hope things pick up for you.


Jean said...

Well, other than the tooth stuff (I am a big procrastinator when it comes to dental work - I swear the older I get the more I fear dentists), your post made me chuckle - love the pics of your dogs, both the innocent and the naughty! I am also a neat freak (other than a tolerance for dog hair and muddy paws, of course) and simply cannot stand clutter and chaos. When life gets out of control, I get plain cranky!!
Good luck with the schoolwork I sense some all-nighters coming up?

sophie... said...

Hi Jen....thanks for bringing this fact to our attention. I sometimes miss news that, I guess, isn't in your face news or I just plain didn't hear about. I guess that's why blogging is so helpful.
You're Sophie is, of course(name is super special), a darling. Murphy and Spike with agility classes on the horizon...mighty cool!Our Sophie tried classes and bombed out really fast. They said..bring her back when she's ready...oops!