Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ah little Spooky!

It's my little Spooky's birthday today. Yup, it's true, Spike is 5.  I can't believe he's a middle aged dog now, but I guess he's getting a little grey around the mouth these days, poor boy. I can't believe I've had 4 great years with this dog... it feels like just yesterday I brought him home but it also feels like he's always been here. Love this dog so much!

To celebrate this year, Spike got a big beefy bone...

Yum Yum!  Just as good as a liver cake!!

He moved inside with his bone, once all the meat was gone.

Looking happy! 

Anyway, Happy Birthday my Spooky boy!  I hope I have many, many more happy years with you!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Waiting for Superman

I took this link off of another blog I regularily read. It's a link to a film trailer that I am super excited to see, even though I hadn't heard of it until today.

Waiting for Superman

It's about the state of the Educational System in the US. The sad truth is that Canada is really no different. I can't to see this film when it comes out; I know I will be challenged by it, inspired by it and likely angered by it. Maybe that's what both the Canadian and American Educational Systems need at this point. Challenging, thoughprovoking stories to shake us up. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Surviving Storms

It's been a week of storms; everyday there's been at least one loud, crashing storm for the last 3 or so days and I am finding it's very hard on Spike. Thank goodness I have only one storm phobic dog and everyone else seems oblivious to the chaos around them. Some of the storms have been late at night, waking me up but yesterdays hit around supper time so I thought I should take some photos of how we cope...

Poor Spike, huddled in the laundry room, by the hot water tank.  He's had a dose of L-Theanine here, with no signs of relief. :(

Sophie chills in the living room with a bone, left over from breakfast. Nothing bothers her!  In fact, she's been known to hang with me, cuddled as close as possible during storms as I don't like them much either. When it's done, she goes on her merry way, but she takes bringing comfort quite seriously!

Murphy naps on her blankie in the office. Nothing bothers her either and she's some tired after a play with her BFF Quinn!

The girls cuddled up in the hallway. Yup, they are pretty happy during all this!

Hail outside my back door.

Hail by my garbage can; it doesn't look nearly as bad here as it actually was. It came down pretty hard for a few minutes, making it look like it was snowing in June.

My poor Hammock! I hope to actually use it this summer. I bought it last summer but it was so cold that I rarely got to nap on it, but you better believe Sophie got good use out of it! So far, this summer has been no better.

Ah well, here's to HOT, SUNNY weather coming our way!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

RMB's for Breakfast.

It's a Raw Meaty Bone day around here... I thought for a treat and because I am not in a rush to get anywhere today since it's Saturday. As well,  I hardly slept a wink thanks to my storm phobic Spike and my early riser Murphy, so I thought they might as well eat a bone today as I am barely moving yet.  The plan for today is to take Spike and Murphy to train some agility at the field, then to take everyone (including Max the foster) for a play at Rebecca's. Tired dogs are much better behaved. Anyway, lucky Murph got a bone AND her usual partial patty as she's a skinny little monkey these days!!

Anyway, sensible places to choose to eat your RMB... Sophie, chooses the yard.

Yum, yum!

Murphy chooses her blanket in the office. Good choice, my girl!

She loves her RMB's!

Look at those bat ears. Sigh.

Where's Spike you ask?? Of course, in the lap of luxury because who wouldn't want to eat a bloody, raw bone on their mama's bed?!?  Yes, it's true... he chose my bed. Sigh.

The worst of it? I left him there, thinking I have to wash bedding today anyway. Ugh.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Foster Dog Max!

I said I needed a break. Then we recieved an email of the saddest story of a neglected pup I have heard in ages and I cracked. Trust me, I have since realized my folly; 4 dogs all under the age of not quite 5 is too much in one little household.

Max has been sick, full of worms, just neutered and with an abcess that had a drainage tube put in post surgery. So, he was not an easy foster home placement and he landed here. At least until I needed to go away for a weekend, and left him at the kennel where I refused to bring him home. Rebecca's a good, good sport!! Anyway, he's back and full of energy and life now that he is recovered from the surgeries. And, he's a dirty little monkey since he apparently likes to dig in my garden. He better not teach Murphy any bad habits!!

Anyway, here he is, grubby little dog that he is!!

He doesn't sit still very often so photos are hard!!

Max lurves all toys!

Just a blurry, tugging machine. Can you say flyball dog someday??

Yup, there's potential in that grubby little dog!!

Man he needs a clean up!  The gal that saved him post dog mauling, in Wollaston Lake had to clip all the  mats out of his fur with kitchen shears. Needless to say, she did an uneven job of it! But, at least he felt better and she could see his wounds that way. (And there were lots. Those big dogs wanted him dead, clearly.)

I can haz bath please?  And a good grooming?  Yup, soon little Max, soon!!

Ah well, life is never dull around here! Why not add a foster dog, 3 weeks before the end of school?!?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ups and Downs

It's been a few days since my last post, and I have wanted to write, but I lost motivation for a bit, in a haze of June craziness. I was away on the weekend, to celebrate family birthdays with the family. We gathered in Medicine Hat, and had a lovely time, even if it was a long way to drive for a dinner.  And, I am packing up my office, yet again for another change. I've been to my new school for a day and I want another as it's an overwhelming prospect to take on the next classroom without at least another day to see the kids in action and to help understand how the schedule works throught the day. 

I've taken Murphy to agility and realized yet again how different of a dog she is; she's driven by her nose and instinct so now I am working on the command "nose up" to make it easier to run her in agility. I think she's going to be great, if I can get her attention and focus on me, and off the delicious smells on the ground. I've missed Spike's agility due to rain.

I've noticed how much better Sophie is doing; her limp is nearly unnoticeable right now and that's a huge relief after a difficult winter.

I've registered for classes and horrors... my thesis for second semester. It's really true, I am barely into my MEd, and I can see the end already. I'm getting ready for another weekend away, this time to run flyball in Moose Jaw and I have to admit I am VERY nervous since we haven't had much practice since the last tournament and I am concerned about my abilities to pass. Timing is so tricky with flyball and I really, really don't want to mess the team up!

So, it's not that I haven't intended to write... I have. It's just, I have lots going on. I will write soon, and finish the story of Spike and get more pictures up and hopefully be able to share some crazy Sophie stories. SOON, I promise!