Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beautiful Mornings

I am up early because even if it is a weekend, I can't change that I am a morning person. I love the quiet, slow, steady pace of a morning, coffee in hand as I prepare to face the day.

I glanced out the window this morning and had to grab the camera.

I saw the most beautiful, deep red sunrise. I couldn't help but try to photograph it, but the pictures do not do justice to it.

And, over here is a picture of my muddy road. Spring seems to finally be here, and even though it is very slow to warm up, it is still warm enough to go out in a sweater only. It's beautiful and the snow is starting to go. I can't help myself, but I am starting to really plan out my garden for this summer. I am going to plant lots of strawberries where Sophie can't get them and a peony bush for sure. It just makes me happy to think about summer and planting my garden and maybe feeling like I have a little time for myself to putter in it.

And, finally, my best boy because Spike hasn't made many appearances on the blog lately. He's not so far away from his 6th birthday and I can't help but notice how grey my boy is getting. Wish they could stay young forever, but there is something quite sweet about a steady, reliable middle aged dog who has settled into who they are with a confidence that didn't exist in puppyhood. Love that boy so much. :)


achieve1dream said...

Thanks for sharing the sunrise. I'm not a morning person and I rarely get to see the sunrise lol. :) Spike is such a cutie. Does he not like having his picture taken?

rottrover said...

I tried the sunset equivilant photo the other day -- no dice!! Love Spike's gray. He's not old, just mature!! Have a great weekend and hope you get to start that garden soon.

-Ruby, Gizmo and Bart

Jen said...

Just for the record, Spikey doesn't usually have a prob with his pic being taken- but it was 615AM, and I woke him up is all. :) And, thanks- I can apply that "not getting older, just more mature" to myself, right??


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I so LOVE the AM pics!!!

ForPetsSake said...

Great post - there was a quiet calm in your writing that reflected the morning :)
I do love that quiet confidence of an adult dog.

georgia little pea said...

I'm glad spring is coming your way. I think you might be a little mad to go out in that brrr white stuff with just a sweater, mind you!

It's awful to notice our dogs getting older. I feel it already with Georgia, who's not even 3. Just last night, I noticed her muzzle's even whiter, she has folds now on her face and neck, and her whole temperament is changing. What the....? :( It all goes too fast.

Hugs for the team.

Mango said...

No worries, big guy. I am almost six too and have lots of the grey furs. I think the ladies like it.