Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Studious Sophie

I am studying these days. Or rather, frantically writing to finish what I hope is my last paper of this degree, except for my thesis of course. I will know Thursday if I have to sneak in another class over the summer or not. In any case, I even missed agility last night (BOO!) to write. Let's just say, by 8PM, I moved it to the bed where I thought I would be more comfortable. Big mistake, that's for sure.  Sophie insisted on helping, then before I knew it, we were both sound asleep.

See, she's curled up with my Feminist Standpoint Reader. And yeah. Within the hour, both of us were lightly snoring.

Ah well, one big last push to get this done as I am defending my thesis proposal on Thursday afternoon AND running Spike in an agility seminar this weekend. Can't wait to get through the defense and onto the fun of my weekend!


georgia little pea said...

And you still have time to blog? Amazing! I've seen 2 friends work through theirs this last year. They sure didn't have much life left over! Get some sleep and good luck :)

achieve1dream said...

Hehe she's good at helping you study. :) She knows how important your sleep is lol.

Jean said...

Good luck with the proposal defense! Maybe you could take Sophie and she can put the committee to sleep....or at least lull them into a stupor where they forget all their challenging questions!

Ms. ~K said...

Oh I don't miss those days! Good luck!
Hugs and belly rubs,

Sophie said...

Longtime lurker, first-time commenter: good luck with your thesis! My dogs try to 'help' me study too... I've fallen asleep curled up with my pup and an literature criticism book a couple of times before now. :)