Sunday, April 10, 2011

Workin' Weekend

I am at the kennel this weekend, and for LONG hours at that. So, the dogs get to go.  It's been NON STOP run, run, dig for Spike and Murphy while Sophie is content to spend hours running between them and the fence line to check for cats. They crack me up!

In any cases, I got some photos yesterday of some of the action.  There is still a tiny bit of snow, but it's mainly mud now so spring must truly be here!

Way out in the field!

Spike found the soccer ball, big suprise!

C'mon, play with me!!

Rebecca has 3 New Hope Foster pups staying with her- all super cute, sweet and friendly. All watched and waited to be allowed to play with Spike and Sophie (Which never happened! Sorry little foster guys!)  This is Snicker- she has the most amazing eyebrows!

Aeron- a husky mix.

Sable, Snicker's sister. Their Momma is a Lab, and who knows who daddy is! :)  They turned out to look either rather shepherdy like Sable or rather labby, like Snicker.

Spike with a wild look in his eyes- that's his "KICK THE BALL!" look.

Sadly, one of the few photos of Murph- she's been a blur all weekend!

Princess Sophie. Notice what while her "sit" is still a bit off, it's MUCH BETTER than it has been in 2 years!!!  She was a bit stiff last night, after all the running, but it's all in her knee, not her hips. I can live with that!! She still managed to walk with 4 paws on the floor and worked the stiff out quickly. Yeah for Sophie girl being much, much better!


georgia little pea said...

That looks like a good weekend you had! And the Crew too. It must be lovely to run around again in something that isn't white, wet and cold.

Nice to hear from you again - thought you might still be busy with your reading and paperwork! Have a great week :)

Jen said...

Oh goodness, no, I am camping out at the kennel, working on papers in between throwing balls for dogs. It's a perk I can bring my guys, but seriously the work hasn't gone away yet! I'll give an update on schooling maybe soon, because there's lots of GOOD there too!! :)

Hope you have a great week too!

rottrover said...

What a treat to finally get to run, run, run!! Glad Sophie is doing well. And that spring may finally be headed your way!!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

ForPetsSake said...

This really looked like a fun time! Sore or not, the dogs probably LOVED it :)

achieve1dream said...

That's awesome that Sophie is doing so well. :)

I love Spike's intense "kick the ball" look.

Those foster dogs are so cute!