Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Murphy the Hoarder

Last evening, I gave all three dogs Elk Bones to munch on for the evening. It makes it much easier for me to focus and write, like I need to, if I don't have the dogs giving me the evil eye for not taking them for a run or playing fetch or practicing weaves like we need to.

I don't know how she does it, but Murphy managed to steal Spike's bone and squirrel it away in her crate where she commenced with flashing teeth and glaring at him as he got too close. Don't mess with Murph, after all, unless you are momma who can stick her hand into said crate and take Spike's bone back. Crisis adverted!

Really, they are MY bones. Both of them, they really, really are!

Are you sure about that? (Poor, mopey Spike!)

Yup, they are MINE!

Ah, much better... Spike has his bone back. Thanks Brave Momma!

Sophie happily staying out of it!

And, finally- further evidence that Murphy is the strangest dog I have ever owned.  Breakfast on the slant.
Just for the record, we are working nose touches for contact equipment in agility. And, she was in a lovely sit, on the stool, waiting for her breakfast. Unasked, she dove into a 2o/2o position, hit the floor with her nose, then looked at me for her breakast. LOL! Why can't she do that in class now??  

Murph, you are a strange beasty, aren't you?? :)


Sophie said...

I think stealing and hoarding must be a JRT trait! Lola does (or tries to, anyway) the same thing with Jess if they have something Interesting and she wants Jessie's!

Poor Spike reacts in the same way as Jess by the sounds of it: bewildered and wondering how to get back their Interesting Thing from devilish teeth.

georgia little pea said...

ELK bones? Hmmm. We don't have those here.

Mango said...

Nose touch, foot touch, touch, touch, touch. Pointless.

I have to enjoy my nommy bone outside alone because I steal PeeWee's. Big deal. But what a brave mom to reach in and repossess Sophies nom.


Schnauzer Days said...

Nice to meet you all and see your great photo's, Dexter & Louis x

achieve1dream said...

That last picture is sooooo cute!!!! Jackal does stuff like that sometimes. :)