Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Week

I have been wanting to post an update all week, but life has gotten in the way. It's even gotten in the way of commenting on blogs; I want you to know I am reading still, whether I have commented or not! I can manage that much at least!

So, what have I been up to?

Well, working on Sophie, of course. She's doing well but has thrown a couple fits in despair at the "new rules". Really, they aren't that strict- sleep in your crate at night, no barking at the window, don't come up on furniture unless I ask or say yes,  no stealing food off the counter. We've been 95% successful so far, to that's very good news! Today will be a test as we go to agility class- the first in awhile I've made it to with Soph. We'll see.

Otherwise, she's been busy licking yogurt containers clean

She's also been laying about feeling somewhat peevish and sorry for herself. But, no worries, she's coming along quicker than I thought in the manners department! I feel somewhat lucky that she is a quick learner and not really stubborn at all as it's making this a lot easier than it could have been! I've also kind of cautioned myself to remember that while I don't want her walking all over me, this is also a dog who has lived in constant discomfort for much of her life; that changes them, I believe. So, anyway, manners are getting here.

A good chunk of the week has been spent in the yard, getting cleanup done. I didn't get the leaves cleaned up in the fall as it snowed early and stayed.  So, this is the result, at the 3/4 clean point:
I do have a compost, but I don't try to save much from the backyard as I just can't bring myself to compost anything from a place where the dogs have used the bathroom. So, black bags. Sigh.

But, the good news is that I have found my weaves and training has resumed with all three dogs!  Yeah for that!!

We've had a couple storms this week... strange, I think to have thunder storms in April, but I guess so! I came home one evening to find Spike a mess his crate, shivering and drooling. The next evening, he huddled in the shower downstairs. Poor boy! I have a thundershirt I need to find- I put it somewhere safe at the end of the season, last year and can't find it! As well, I may try Melatonin for him this summer.

The girls, fortunately are blissfully ignorant of storms. Phew!  Well, except Soph will sometimes ask to go out as she loves rain, silly girl! They tend to nap them away.

The rest of the week has been spent getting my life in order- cleaning the house, paying bills and creating a bit of a budget for myself, sigh. And, studying, of course! I have become hyper motivated to get done my thesis FAST because it means a stop in tuition payments, a pay raise at work and the ability to think about a newer vehicle. Murphy has taken all this very seriously and has been quite concerned, haha! She's napped a bunch in the bed by my desk.

Soph has hung out in the office with me too, most of the week.

Spike has come in and checked on progress then wandered off to nap in the bathroom.

Such a strange dog!

Ah well, all in all it's been a very productive, busy week. I head back to work on Monday and it's 8 weeks until summer holidays.... it'll be a very busy 8 weeks, so stay tuned for updates on agility trials, research and Sophie's life lessons. :)


rottrover said...

One of the concepts that really sold me on the Dog Whisperer approach is the idea that dogs are a pack-oriented species -- and that they feel better; actually WANT to be told what to do. They WANT us to be the leaders. It's very true, and has been very effective with my bunch...
Happy weekend!!

Schnauzer Days said...

What a fantastic coat you have Soph, so shiny! It's hard work this getting back to basics isn't it but it does result in a happier household in the end.Your human is having a very busy time of it, life's like that sometimes but we dogs are very adaptable, just make sure she doesn't overdo it, that leaf raking looks like hard work! Dex & Lou x

Mango said...

Miss Sophie! Agility season! That is the best. I know how much you labradogs love that. Good work pretending to follow the new rules, too. Don't worry, the human will tire of all that tough love stuff sooner or later.


Sophie said...

I don't know how you manage cleaning up, looking after three pretty young dogs and studying! I'm at my wit's end with studying and two dogs, one of whom is pretty old :) Good luck with your thesis!

achieve1dream said...

I read somewhere that the reason dogs that are afraid of storms hide in bathrooms in the shower or around toilets is because it somehow grounds them. Something about the static electricity I guess. I'd have to look it up again because it's been so long since I read it. :)

Good luck with the thesis. Being busy can be exhausting, but it's also so invigorating to be productive. :)

ForPetsSake said...

You've been busy!! Well done for being so productive! Sometimes you get that itch to get things accomplished and the next thing you know, it's all done ;)