Sunday, December 13, 2009

The demise of the Christmas Tree, 2009, Part 1

Every year it happens. I set the 5 foot tree up, in the living room, step back to look at my handiwork and sigh, knowing it just won't last. And, every year a rampaging gaggle of dogs come rough housing through my living room and the tree goes flying. This year is no exception. Well, a tiny one. This year all it took was the sweet little Molly, walking underneath the tree, wagging her tail, and over it went. Sigh. So, redecorating, I did do.

Miss Molly is a great puppy, not one to roughhouse in the living room like certain other fosters I have had. She is a bit more respectful that way. And, she is totally innocent, she would like you to believe!

See, there is no look of evil plotting there... well, maybe her so very concerned, wrinkly face look of, "Ah, c'mon, I am trying to nap here!"

Anyway, with no further ado, let me present my tree.

Yes, it's true. It's a mess. I sighed, then laughed, because, honestly this happens. EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Molly, checking it out... "I didn't do that, did I?"

Ornaments, strewn about. Sad, isn't it?

See, only about half the branches are down. Not bad, not bad. Didn't take that long to redecorate, although I have to admit, it never looks as good the second or third time of the season.

Molly, back to resuming her normal play duties.  All in a day's work! :)


Carla said...


Linda said...

Great pictures, Jen. And I think a smaller tree is the answer. Have a great day with your family of black. Love, Mom

Sophie Brador said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts. I am really keeping my paws crossed for Graham, even though I am romping in the country and having a blast in the snow. It is awesome in the Laurentians and my dog walker has the best house ever.

But I know my mom is super sad right now and my brother may be gone when I get back. I will take good care of her then.


P.S. My grandparents are still in Saskatchewan and we know you have been super cold. I hope you warm up soon.

P.P.S. Any dog named Sophie is the most awesome dog ever!!!!!!!

Tash said...

We have the same sort of problem in our house. We know 'tether' the tree to the wall using fishing line. Doesn't go over anymore!

Jen said...

Now that would be the smart thing to do! LOL, I'll have to try that!!