Friday, December 18, 2009

These might just be the last shots of Molly, as my Miss Molly

Well it's true. Miss Molly is meeting a family tomorrow.  I can tell you this much; they better be exceptional or I won't be letting her go. I have already shed a few tears (this is a first!) over her leaving my house. In the week Molly has been here, she has fit in seamlessly and quietly, with no fuss. And, I have fallen completely for her charming, happy self. I am questioning myself as to why I am letting her go. She is part hound which isn't a problem except her nose is on the ground all the time. Great for search and rescue and tracking, not so great for flyball and agility. And that scares me a little; she doesn't fit into my training goals. And, if I give her up, I can open my home to more fosters. If she stays, it makes it much, much harder as that becomes four dogs when I have a foster here. But, I love her so much, this is really a tough one!  You better believe, I'll cry a little when she goes because I will miss my Molly girl lots.

My rawhide queen, chomping down, as I tackle some much needed housework.

"Ah, leave me alone" she mumbles after I take her rawhide to make her look at the camera.

Pure bliss on those poor sore gums. :)

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Casper and pals said...

Yes, It is sometimes hard to let them go.

I cry too when I have to let go of certain foster dogs that have stolen my heart, but I know they are going to their own home so that helps.