Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do I just have spoiled slugs??

So, you may wonder, where are the dog when I blog (or write papers for University, for that matter?)  Well, they are never far and it usually involves some sort of position like this:

Yup, there they, Spike cudded around the office door frame and Sophie right next to him. Of course, until the camera came out, her head was lying on his, so sweetly but I distracted her from the nap at hand.

Anyway, last night was cold. The dogs wore their new coats out just to protect Sophie's bad hips (and sometime I will have to tell you all about her PennHip results and what it means) and because Spike is wussy. So, yup, when they came in, and we were all cuddled up before bed, I realized the house was decidedly cold. Of course, I turn the heat way down at night, just so I sleep better. But, the dogs seemed even cold. So, spoiled slugs they are, sleeping happily away on my bed!

Spike looks so cozy, he didn't move from that position for a good hour (which is very unlike him. He rarely starts and ends the night on the bed. Usually he comes in about 4AM for cuddles, while Sophie is there all night).

And, Sophie getting over the "camera is out, I must wake up moment"

Nice life they lead, spoiled dogs. Of couse they were tired, post flyball accident (that's a post for next time too) and agility classes. But, they are spoiled, nontheless.

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