Sunday, December 6, 2009

How do you say no?

I rescue. It's just part of what makes me uniquely me when it comes to the dog front. I volunteer with a rescue organization called New Hope Dog Rescue, that works out of Saskatoon and within the last month or so, I have found myself in the unlikely position of intake coordinator. And, I am usually quite fine with it except on days like today.  How do you say no to a face like this??

This dog is named Rex and I am completely smitten with him. He is exactly the kind of border collie I want... black and white and oh so pretty.

Or this little cutie...

She is currently nameless and she is a stray the family just can't keep. And she looks JUST LIKE SOPHIE DID at that age. How do I say no?

How you ask?  I have 2, possibly 3 black bundles of joy coming to me in about 2 weeks as it is, for me to foster. How could I possibly rescue every single one of these dogs?  It's heartbreaking to look at those faces and know that they have no home. C'mon someone, help us out! Give Rex and Sophie look a like a home before I crack under the pressure. These have been the hardest for me to just say "Sorry, we have no room, they are going onto the waiting list" dogs for me.  I think it's because little one looks just like my girl and Rex, well Rex is all border collie and is so pretty. Sigh. One person can only do so much!

Sigh. I love rescue and I hate it.

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