Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spike's horrible flyball pratice but great box turn!

Last week at Flyball, Spike was horrible. I have no idea why, but we were practice passing and my boy panicked when he couldn't see me, as the next dog to run was in the way. The building we practice in is not meant for flyball in the least, and the "lane" we were in is next to a flight of stairs, leading off to the loft. There is an approximately 3 foot gate blocking said stairs. Spike, in his panic, flew over the three foot gate, without even touching a paw on it, and landed on the stairs heading up. Not shabby! However, he pulled up lame in the next run or two. Shocking I know, considering he probably jarred the heck out of this shoulders. He was fine in time for agility that afternoon, but certainly he scared himself and me. In any case, in the midst of a lousy practice where Spike walked over jumps and refused others, we still managed to video his box turn. I am quite proud of my boy!!

Spike's box turn, on youtube

Spike's box turn, #2

I wish I knew how to do that lovely Youtube clip, right in the blog (if you know how, please tell me! :) ).  And, I'll save you the clip of Spike barking like a maniac before running... he LOVES his flyball and loves to tell everyone that!!  Anyway, yup, the things I do on a weekend, it's all good!

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