Friday, January 1, 2010

How I spend my holidays

I love Christmas holidays. Of course, as a teacher, I have two weeks off to travel, hang out with the dogs and recuperate from the busy fall. So, this year, I got it in my head I needed to spend the break making a quilt. So, I started it Dec 22nd, and took two or three days to cut 288 squares of fabric. Then, after a lovely Christmas with my parents, I came back to continue the hard work- now by sewing all 288 squares together. I finished sewing today. Phew.  What a lot of work, let me tell you, but the end result I am very pleased with!!

The layout on my living room floor. This was basically the start of some very long days of sewing!

Close up of the squares. I love my fabric choices!

This was 1/4 of the way finished. Already I was feeling tired!

The first 1/2 is complete here.

I laid out the second half to make a few changes and just make sure none of my squares got messed up. Of course, Sophie needed to get involved at this stage!

Such a good supervisor!

Spike spent much of the long sewing days, napping on his back on my awful couch downstairs. At least he finds it comfy!

Second half is complete. I sewed 6 rows of 12 squares, then did that again. Then I attached the two halves together.

My entire queen sized quilt shoved onto my desk. I had just finished the last stitch here.

The complete quilt.

 Spike cuddle testing the blanket..

Sophie had to show her approval too.

After washing the quilt once, it has started to fray nicely!

What a way to spend a week. I can't believe I actually made an entire quilt!!  I made an entire rag quilt for my bed, in about 5 days. No wonder I still feel tired! I have always wanted to try my hand at quiltmaking and I guess now I can actually make one. Would I do it again? I already have the fabric for the next!

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