Saturday, January 23, 2010

How we spend a snow day

I figured out why the photos weren't great in the last post. I had changed a setting on my camera and hadn't changed it back. That being said, these aren't much better, but it's a bad weather day out there and I have to entertain myself somehow if I am not able to make it into flyball and agility classes today.

So,  Here's Gemma, looking like a deer in headlights because I held her down for the photo. She doesn't have a stay on her yet apparently. And, she is intensely curious about the camera which is a probem. Every noise it makes, she moves towards it, or turns her head or moves and I get a lousy photo. Apparently holding her down doesnt help either!

So, if you aren't going to lie still, you might as well try to wrestle with Soph who clearly did not want to be bothered.

So, might as well tug a little...

Gemma wins!

She is VERY toy motivated, flyball people. Just saying. In case you know, you might be looking for a flyball dog. ;)

Sophie just wouldn't pose today. Silly girl!

Mr. Fun Police himself. Silly boy Spike, looking on at the action.

Yup, silly, bored, snow days. It's good.


Stan said...

I really like to watch the snow on days like today. It makes for a fantastic time with my pups.

Jen said...

I agree! I love playing outside with them too... snow and black dogs just goes together (well and even little colourful dogs too!)