Monday, January 25, 2010

Late night dog cuddles

This was from last weekend, actually. I couldn't help myself- the dogs looked so cozy hogging the WHOLE bed, I had to just shove myself in there and cuddle too.

Nothing like Spike cuddles!

Yup, I am a mess but he is infinitely happy to have pictures taken.

Sophie, before I got a whiff of her breathe.

Sophie, after I got a whiff and realized "holy cow, she smells like a dairy barn!".

Yup, it's true, my little princess is NAUGHTY in the yard and insists on eating unspeakable frozen delights.  The very next day BOTH are back on pineapple every day. No more stinky dairy barn incidents since. It DOES work people! A teaspoon of pineapple everyday saves me from stinky, stinky Sophie!

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