Saturday, January 23, 2010

On a lighter note....

On a much nicer, lighter note than last week (phew, enough dark brooding about bad hips!) my favourite dog walker EVER brought Spike a present!!  It was in the yard when I let them out after work. And, by the time I got my boots and mitts on to go and join them, it already looked like this....

That was like 3 minutes flat.
And this is why...

Mr. I must carry soccer ball in my mouth!

So, what are we supposed to do but continue to play anyway?  How can I say no to this?

I was on a mission to get some more photos of Gemma, but wow, she's some fast. Or doesn't like the camera. In any case, she moved her face WAY too fast for me to get anything good. :(

Look at me run after Spike!  She is so striking looking, I can hardly stand it.

Sorry it's out of focus. At this point, my lens was not coping with the weird weather- it was kind of freezing drizzle out throughout the entire play session.  We didn't last much longer after this one, as Sophie hit a patch of ice and slid into the fence. (And, I wonder why she limps?!?  She is SO driven to play she doesn't always play nice. Or know when to stop. Poor girl.)

Who me? Poor? C'mon, just throw my ball already!!

Ah well, at least Gemma had fun ripping around the yard with the big dogs. She's finally relaxed enough with them to play and chase and attempt to get the ball, but I have to admit Spike has some serious speed on him these days and keeps beating everyone, well not always Miss Speedy herself, Sophie to the ball. Not that I mind; he's my flyball dog after all... he's supposed to be fast! :)

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