Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventures in Raising Murphy.

Two nights ago, this cute little face

became far less cute as she barked like the terror she is. Murphy somehow escaped her crate about 3:30 and came to cuddle on the bed. That meant she disturbed Spike, who when woken in the night, you better watch out for because he's some grumpy. And, me of course. I quickly realized she better go out FAST, lest she pee on the bed, like she managed twice, TWICE last week!  Ah!!! Too late.... there was a little dribble. Sigh.  Post, putting this cute little face...

...outside, I shoved her back in the crate. She proceeded to bark as only an angry Jack can, until 5 when I cracked. Then, angry, ANGRY momma got up, and we exhanged words. I didn't hear another peep until almost 7. Heaven.

***This blog is brought to you from the makers of Petmate crates (don't trust 'em to hold a Jack!), sleep-ez (how much is too much for a Jack??) and ever soft pillows (I least I got to enjoy it part of the night!)

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Mango said...

I believe that those Jack dogs are the definition of insane cracker dog. They are most clever as well. Good thing he is adorable.