Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time to lighten and go for a run

It's been pretty heavy around here lately with me working hard on Grad School and Sophie working overtime as a canine hoover. However, she's recovered fully and is back to her normal, bratty self.  In honour of that, I decided to take the dogs for a run at "Gopher Heights", AKA, Rebecca's field at The Poop Guys.

My dogs LIVE to go to Rebecca's. I have NEVER had dogs this excited to go to their boarding kennel before. Let me demonstrate the joy a bit... a snippet of video, filmed on the gravel road, just outside Rebecca's place. (Just so you know, I pointed the camera over my shoulder to film as a I crept down the gravel road... there was no danger in the filming of this clip, even if I was driving at the time.)

And, a second clip to give you even more of a grasp on what I live with.. CRAZY, SCREAMING dogs!  This tends to happen for a good 3-4 KM's before arriving. They know when the car points in the direction of Rebecca's that there is fun to be had.

Now, it's really hot out today. I let out Spike's newest girlfriend Maggie for a play and she really didn't want to move too much. But, isn't she gorgeous?? And, she's a very laid back Sophie, so I was tempted to swap them and see if Mag's owners realized, hehe. Something tells me they would know right away, HA!

Isn't she pretty? 

Then, I let the little dogs out for a run in the big field. This includes Murphers, who I like to let play with the little uns occasionally, just so she doesn't forget she's small, like them.  There were the two cutest little black Shih Tzus. And, Santa of course, along with Izzy and Quinn.

I have no idea if that is Chewy or Truck Truck, but he's sure a cutie!

And, Quinn of course, sunning herself before Murphy came along and jumped on her, leading to a game of chase.

As for Spike, I didn't see much of him once he was out... he was zooming here and there, looking for gophers.

Oh, there he is.... 

And, there he goes...

He doesn't really stop moving, unless he wants to attempt to dig a gopher out of a hole. There was none of that today, just running, running and more running.

Poor little Murphy attempted to run with the big kids, but sadly she was separated by a fence.

That's ok, she sure can fence chase!! Look at that turn... I hope that starts to turn into a lovely swimmer's turn for flyball! :)

And, of course, there is Sophie who insisted on doing lots of fence chasing herself, with Murphy and Santa (who moves to fast, let me tell you to get a decent photo!)

Here she comes...

Here she is... yeah for happy Sophie!

And, after all that running, the black dogs needed to cool down.... so the question is, how many Black Dogs can you fit in a tiny pool?

Well, 2 until Sophie forces Spike out...

Tired, tired Sophie girl!

And, last but not least,  Murph with her RIDICULOUS ears!! Seriously, is she a Jack Russell or a German Shepherd??  

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Mango said...

Oh MY EARS! Talk about back seat drivers!

Hey! I have seen that labrapool move before. What's up with that all soaking your wee selves in the drinking water.