Monday, August 9, 2010

It's a sad day...

Because my trusty coffeemaker made it's final pot of coffee this morning, then promptly shut itself off, never to be used again. It's sad.... even Sophie is upset because she KNOWS what I am like without coffee.

See, she won't even look at me, or come in!!

I'll miss you trusty coffeemaker (who has now totally ruined my plans of homework for the day to run into the city to buy a new one. And, if I am going to do that, I might as well take Spike to the agility field for a practice. Problem is, it's 7:30 and hot already. Store doesn't open until 9:30... I think Spike and I will practice now, and I'll hit the store on the way home. See, that's crazy talk isn't it?!?).

Anyway, poor, poor Cusinart....I've had many happy years with you. Ah well, time for a replacement.


Jean said...

Oh my goodness, Jen, I saw the title and thought "Ohhhh nooooo" assuming it was a four legged. (Made me laugh though, because I recently did the same thing to my readers!).
RIP, Trusty Coffeemaker. Jen, I hope you find the perfect new one to adopt, one which will share your life for many years to come.

Now get to that homework!

Jen said...

Oh dear, sorry Jean!! I will follow up this blog soon (today or tomorrow??) with a post about how wonderful the new and improved Cusinart is! And, I do apologize for the fear that may have caused people!!!

Mango said...

That really is a sad story. I know what happens around here if there isn't coffee in the morning. Hope you get that whole problem fixed quickly.