Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New and Improved Cuisinart!

First of all, sorry dear blog readers for the potential fear of four legged disaster that blog title from yesterday likely caused you, especially in light of Sophie's gastronomical misadventures of late!  But, there are a few things you need to know about me.

First of all, I am a Graduate Student. That alone explains lots. And, I teach full-time on top of that, which I believe is the very definition of insanity. However, that is my life and that's what it is.

Second, I have a long standing love of coffee. People who have known me since the early days of my very first bachelor degree (in music, nonetheless) will attest to my love of coffee. I may drink less now, but it's a huge necessity in my day.  I have been through a few coffeemakers in my day, but I loved that last one as it's seen me through the last ten years or so of life which included several moves, within two provinces and a few major life crisis. Yup, my coffee is THAT important.

Third, I am very brand conscious when it comes to my kitchen appliances. I believe in spending a few extra dollars to get a good brand that will last and look lovely on my counter. And, within the realm of coffeemakers, I love Cuisinart.  So, I knew the old one wasn't going to last much longer and I started to research what I wanted a few months ago. I kept coming back to Cuisinart.  Yesterday morning, it was finally time to set out to Saskatoon (a whole 15 minute drive for me!) and see what I could find.

Home Outfitters didn't have one, and the gal there wasn't really that helpful; I don't think she fully understood the gravity of the situation and that there would need to be a new coffeemaker for Jen today!  So, I went to London Drugs where not only did I find the exact Cuisinart I wanted, it was on sale!! That's the fourth thing to know about me; I love a good sale.

So, without further ado, here's the new coffeemaker...

It's similar to my old one, and uses the same carafe so that is nice. But, it has an added bonus of having a hot water dispenser built in! No more heating water on the stove for a cup of tea!! That is very exciting to me and it was for less than what it would cost me to replace my old coffeemaker with the new Cuisinart version of it.

So, now I can resume my normal activities of fighting Sophie off my morning cup of coffee; we'll see who gets to finish that first cup tomorrow morning! 

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Jean said...

Ahhhhh....welcome, CC (Cuisinart Coffeemaker) to your new forever home. You will be well loved and well cared for, I'm sure. :)