Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something tells me...

this isn't normal....  I have pictures of how Sophie always sits and downs these days. I thought I would show them for you all to see if anyone has thoughts on what is going on. Something tells me, I am wrong and it's not her hips bugging her, but her knee. It's the same one that actually did have a partial ACL tear, but she was like this well before the tear happened. (I can tell you exactly the day it did; I watched her fall in a gopher hole while she was running, watching me).  Anyway, I have her booked at the University of Saskatchewan Vet. College in September for further investigations because it's all not sitting well and I just think a second opinion wouldn't hurt at this point!!

Anyway, knee or hip?!?

That's a view, from above, of obviously an off kilter down. She was chewing a bone at the time, so nothing stressful. (And, yes, that's Murphy's nose... she tried to sneak into most of these pics!)

Same.... different angle.

This is her sit... next pic shows it better.

There, that's without a Spike tail in the way! :)

Anyway, any thoughts??  I know it's not normal and I am trying to figure it out so am open to suggstions... thank you all!


Jen said...

This is from a friend on facebook, just for reference, in case anyone else has thoughts...

how is she standing? it looks like lower back discomfort to me, like possibly pressure on the sciatic nerve. if she has trouble holding a stand and prefers to sit or lay down, that would suggest sciatic nerve discomfort to me. if her leg has a bit of a wobble when she walks, then possibly the knee.

Jean said...

Jen, I don't know if it is hip or knee - I've had dogs sit like this with neither problem, but most with hip.
However, something else comes to mind. Have you noticed her nails on that one side scraping on the floor as she walks - like she's not quite lifting her foot adequately or it's dragging back a bit? The reason I ask is that my Charley has this, as well as muscle wasting on that one rear leg in particular, and it is likely neurological in origin. I thought her slightly off gait was just arthritis until the vet noticed the muscle wasting. And...she sits funny, when she sits at all. Mostly she lies down, often with that let extended.

Jen said...

Hey Jean!! My Spike will sit like this when he's tired too, but she holds the knee VERY stiffly, and it's all the time so that's what got me worried. I don't think I am seeing her dragging the foot, but I do see classic hip dysplasia symptoms; bunny hopping, sway backed walking. I suspect while she might have a sore back too, it is likely the knee/hip problems. It's hard to accept a young dog is feeling so lousy, but I think I am getting my mind around it, finally. She's been limpy since 4 months, so this is really nothing new. I just want her to run and play like the others in the house! Sophie is happy and chipper and finds joy in little things; a good bone, a walk around the block, cuddles on the couch, sleeping on the bed at night, stealing a cookie when my back is turned. Maybe that's really all I can do for her!!

Thanks for the offer of the canine liver support treats! I would happily buy them off you, to be honest! So, if you email me (coffeejen at gmail dot com) off the blog we can arrange something. Thank you for your kind comments and the support. It means the world to me, that someone out there understands and cares about my Sophie girl too.