Thursday, August 12, 2010

Max gets a home

I am very involved with a dog rescue in Saskatoon called New Hope Dog Rescue. We are a small rescue, run by a dedicated group of hardworking volunteers and we take on abused and unwanted dogs from whereever, when we can. I have fostered off and on for the past two years and I have found myself in the position of Intake Coordinator. I love working with the rescue but of late, I have lost a bit of my passion as I have found myself feeling tired, overworked and barely able to work with my own dogs.

So, when Max came to our attention I tried to tell myself "NO!" But, his sad, sad story tugged at me and I agreed to foster him before anyone else even knew he was coming in. I've had Max, I think since about May, and it took quite awhile for him to be ready to adopt out, then he's been waiting for his family to get back from holidays. Today is his day; he gets to go home!

Max has been potentially the hardest and the easiest foster I've had. He's easy going, wanting to please and lives to cuddle. But he had no idea how to behave in a house as he likely hadn't been in one. He had frequent marking accidents and this was hard to break; he's stil not fully cured of that problem but he's well on the way as he take correction very easily and wants to please.

Max also had health problems. He came in after he had been mauled by dogs and he developed an abcess at one bite site. That required a drainage tube. After he had been here maybe a day or two, he passed a live tapework, YUCK! So, that required attention as I just can't handle the worms. Then, we learned he had allergies and it's been a long, steady process to get his diet under control. He also has a bit of an ear thing, likely related to his allergies. Max had endured it all with calm attitude and just lets it all happen. He's great that way!

Max deserves a great life. I think Max is getting that today as he moves on to his new home!  I'll miss you Maxim, be good little man!!


Mango said...

Max is ship shape and ready for his new home. I wish him the best of luck.


Molly said...

He's really a cutie! He was very lucky to have been fostered by you and to have a new family. I really love hearing the success stories.